Fish Terminal

With the inauguration of Skagen Fish Terminal in 2008 the port of Skagen has been given a top modern center for receipt, sorting and sales of edible fish and shellfish.

The fish terminal offers optimal landing facilities, where edible fish are unloded, treated and forwarded to the purchasers in an unbroken cooling chain. As soon as a vessel enters the pier by the renovated terminal, the fresh fish will be quickly unloaded directly into the sorting and grading facility, the fish auction or directly into refrigerated vehicles for further transportation.

The fish terminal offers the following facilities: Separate storage for cleaned fish boxes, auction and sorting/grading center under one roof, top modern cooling plant and a number of cooling locks for lorries.

The new fish terminal secures and strenghtenes the fact that the port of Skagen is also a port which many local vessels and vessels from other ports will use as their landing port in the future.

Skagen Havn er en aktiv erhvervshavn med fiskeri, fiskeindustri, værft og servicevirksomheder i en hovedrolle. Aktiviteter knyttet til fiskeriet er kerneområdet, der også skaber omsætning.


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