Recognised stakeholders in the market, covering all demands for fuel and oil, operate the three tank facilities in the Port of Skagen. 

Bunker One A/S
Bunker One A/S operates the newest tank facility from November 2015 that was built during stage 2 of the harbour expansion. Bunker One can supply different types of MGO and HFO – either by bunkering boats or through two ex-pipe connections along the quay.

Malik Energy A/S
Malik Energy A/S is a 100% privately owned Danish registered company – a subsidiary of Malik Supply A/S – specialized in supply of energy products and additives for the maritime industry. Malik Energy A/S can supply bunkers in the port as well as on Skaw roads. It is also possible to use the self-service facility using a card. They supply marine gasoil, all types of lubricating oil and Yara AUS (UREA 40%).   

FF Handel A/S
FF Handel is an independent special shop in the FF Skagen group. For more than 50 years, they have serviced the entire Danish, Swedish and Norwegian trawler fleets – with all sorts of ship equipment, oils and other necessities when the trawlers arrive alongside the quay to land fish in Skagen. They offer 24 hour trawler service all year round, modern tankers for tanking of trawlers, oil dispensers for refuelling at the unloading quay, lubricants and hydraulic oils, own special workshop for hydraulic pipes and more than 5,000 articles.

Skagen Havn er en aktiv erhvervshavn med fiskeri, fiskeindustri, værft og servicevirksomheder i en hovedrolle. Aktiviteter knyttet til fiskeriet er kerneområdet, der også skaber omsætning.


Phone: +45 98 44 69 11
Fax: +45 98 44 54 45
E-mail: sh@portofskagen.com


Havnevagtvej 30
9990 Skagen


24-hour watch phone:  
+45 98 44 13 46

E-mail: hv@portofskagen.com