Facts about Port of Skagen

Organisationally, Port of Skagen is a municipal autonomously governed harbour owned by Frederikshavn Municipality. A 8-member harbour administration is responsible for the overall management. The daily management is headed by the harbour master.

The harbour is operated as an independent business entity which, in compliance with the Danish Act on Harbours, has been separated from the municipality – administratively as financially. The Harbour is continuously investing in the development of the harbour, comprising projects for the purpose of improving both infra and supra structure. 

  • Harbour area in total: 1.620.000 m2
  • Harbour area, onshore: 835.000 m2
  • Harbour area, offshore: 785.000 m2
  • Quays in total: 6,6 km
  • Quays of 13.0 m water depth, in total: 240 m
  • Quays of 12.0 m water depth, in total: 500 m
  • Quays of 11.0 m water depth, in total: 800 m
  • Quays of 9.0 m water depth, in total: 1.200 m
  • Quays of 8.0 m water depth, in total: 270 m
  • Quays of 7.0 m water depth, in total: 980 m
  • Quays of 6.0 m water depth, in total: 420 m
  • Quays of 5.0 m water depth or less, in total 2.180 m

Piers and rubble mounds, in total 4,2 km

Port of Skagen possesses 1 RO/RO ramp (20 m in width), a Border Check (BIP – Border Inspection Post), a fish terminal and a 4000 m2 trawl-stretching site.

The harbour area further comprises a dry dock (135x25x8 metres), railway tracks to the harbour area and a site for the washing down of lorries.

Skagen Havn er en aktiv erhvervshavn med fiskeri, fiskeindustri, værft og servicevirksomheder i en hovedrolle. Aktiviteter knyttet til fiskeriet er kerneområdet, der også skaber omsætning.


Phone: +45 98 44 69 11
Fax: +45 98 44 54 45
E-mail: sh@portofskagen.com


Havnevagtvej 30
9990 Skagen


24-hour watch phone:  
+45 98 44 13 46

E-mail: hv@portofskagen.com