General information about the ISPS code

The facilities of Port of Skagen were fully implemented according to the ISPS code from the 1st of July 2004.

More information can be found here:

Port of Skagen has the following 7 facilities:

  • Facility no. DKSKA-0001 berth 15
  • Facility no. DKSKA-0002 berth 1
  • Facility no. DKSKA-0003 berth 4-5
  • Facility no. DKSKA-0005 berth 7
  • Facility no. DKSKA-0017 berth 10
  • Facility no. DKSKA-0023 berth 9
  • Facility no. DKSKA-0025 berth 13
  • Facility no. DKSKA-0026 berth 40-41

Overview map of the facilities can be found here

ISPS – Info / communication through Port of Skagen:

Duty Port Officer
Phone +45 98 44 13 46
VHF ch. 12-16

PSO Thomas Madsen
Mobile +45 31 56 61 46

Requirements for persons:

Anyone, who is present in an ISPS facility of Port of Skagen, is obliged to identify themselves with photo ID or the ID/guest card from Port of Skagen as well as to explain the purpose of their presence in the facility. Violation may lead to a Police report.

Requirements for ISPS vessels:

The vessel/Agent shall report to Safe Sea Net according to the applicable rules minimum 24 hours before arrival.

The vessel shall present the following documents on request by the duty Port Officer:

  1.  Last 10 port of calls.
  2.  Crew list.
  3.  Passenger list.
  4.  Information regarding weapons / dangerous goods on board the vessel.
  5.  International Ship Security Certificate.

The vessel/Agent shall send the following information to the duty Port Officer:

  1.  Expected companies delivering goods or services to the vessel during the port stay.
  2.  Expected visitors during the port stay.

Requirements for "non ISPS vessels" in an ISPS facility:

  1.  Make a Declaration of Accession in cooperation with the duty Port Officer.
  2.  Present crew list on request.

The vessel/Agent shall inform the duty Port Officer in writing regarding:

  1.  Expected companies delivering goods or services to the vessel during the port stay.
  2.  Expected visitors during the port stay.

Issuance of Declaration of Security (DoS):

A DoS will only be issued under the following circumstances:

  1.  If requested by either the Port of Skagen or the vessel when a ”non ISPS vessel” is berthed at the same facility as the ISPS vessel.
  2.  The vessel is operating in a higher security level than the Port of Skagen.
  3.  When a security threat or incident has involved the vessel or facility.
  4.  The vessel has called a port/facility, which is not ISPS approved.

Contact the PSO or duty Port Officer for issuance of a DoS. All expenses regarding issuance of a DoS and any additional actions will be invoiced to the vessel.

Skagen Havn er en aktiv erhvervshavn med fiskeri, fiskeindustri, værft og servicevirksomheder i en hovedrolle. Aktiviteter knyttet til fiskeriet er kerneområdet, der også skaber omsætning.


Phone: +45 98 44 69 11
Fax: +45 98 44 54 45


Havnevagtvej 30
9990 Skagen


24-hour watch phone:  
+45 98 44 13 46